Smart ordering
for foodservice businesses
Improve your margins, cut food costs and streamline ordering using a data-driven approach to supply management
Leverage the power of data and AI
to make your restaurant more profitable
Control and predict costs
Centralize your inventory expenses and use AI-based forecasts to optimize them. Wolyst predicts future supply costs by analyzing your purchasing and external market factors, such as customer demand and food prices changes.
Get best order
Wolyst offers you ready-to-use order recommendations based on a mix of data: your purchase history, current inventory levels, your expected future consumption, as well as your buying preferences, taking into account future product prices and availability.
Monitor market
Watch AI-generated forecasts of future product prices and availability to better plan the purchases and quickly react to any market changes.
Digitize ordering.
Source at the best prices and terms
  • Discover new suppliers
    Need to diversify your supplier base? Looking for local producers or organic products? Easily find specific types of products and suppliers according to your criteria.
  • Simplify purchasing
    Place orders online from one place with shared team view.
    Save time, reduce mistakes and over-ordering.
  • Get special offers
    Learn about special prices and promotions for relevant products from existing and new suppliers.
Ready to start optimizing
back-of-house operations?
Let's talk how we can help you improve supply management process.
Make data-driven decisions
to boost sales
  • Get insights about customer consumption
    Discover customer consumption patterns and demand trends. Track the growing demand for certain types of products or the need for certain ingredients in the local area.
  • Adjust your sales strategy
    to address the demand
    Modify product assortment and pricing based on the customer demand. Analyze your revenue and use the sales forecast to correct the strategy.
  • Enable precise customer targeting
    Offer proper products to the customers that need them right now. Run accurately targeted promotions for prospects and existing customers.
Drive business growth
on a digital platform
Grow sales and customer base
Gain access to a new audience,
which is ready to purchase.
Enable direct-to-consumer sales.
Sell and receive orders online
Easily showcase and sell products online. Streamline communications with customers via a unified digital channel.
Build customer loyalty
Provide visibility for customers over product availability, pricing and purchasing terms. Send targeted offers to customers.
Start your digital transformation
Let's talk how we can help you improve your operations.